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Saturday, March 20 2021


I love to get photos of my pieces in their new homes! This Vintage Art Yarn Wrap was made with fiber from Cranberry Salsa and edged with locks from Deacon. It was made on a rectangle continuous strand loom with art yarn which was spun thick and thin. It was then woven with puffy roving from Deacon. Carole models it beautifully with an orchid that really brings this piece together! 



Cranberry Salsa 



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Thursday, March 18 2021

On 3/6/21, RED Wind River Sue had a very difficult birth. We were able to successfully pull the first ewe lamb, who was able to nurse, but we later lost Sue and the other lamb. The single black ewe lamb is now a bottle baby and was named Teeter. She has become a house lamb and will be a "lamb-bassador" for the breed at Farmer's Markets and other events. 



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Thursday, March 18 2021

RED Storm (ram lamb) 




On 3/16/21, Rowling had a ram lamb sired by Dot Escalade. The lamb was born shortly before violent storms rolled into the area so he was named Storm. 

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Thursday, March 18 2021


RED Riddle 

On 3/14/21 Ravenclaw had a black ewe lamb sired by Dot Escalade. The lamb has marking on her face that looks like a question mark complete with the dot, so she was named Riddle. 

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Tuesday, March 16 2021



This is Kahlua and her baby, Curaçao.  Kahlua played on the milking stand as a yearling and now is quite demanding about the corn for milk exchange. I have weaned the ram lamb from Kahlua but left the ewe lamb on her so I’m not getting much milk from her. The value of going through the motions is in what it’s teaching curaçao. Already she is hopping on the stand. No fear. That’s our goal.

click on the link below to view video 


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