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Monday, June 26 2023


This year we were very heavy on the ram lambs. We had 12 ram lambs to only 4 ewe lambs. 

  RED Kieran -

Kieran (ram) is by baw Aragorn/RED Nadia

 RED Mirari (ewe)

 RED Bourbon Vanilla

Bourbon (ram) is by baw Aragorn/RED Madagascar 

 RED Sarah

Sarah (ewe) is by ROB Cliffhanger/baw Jara. Sarah will be retained.

 RED Roman

Roman is a ram lamb by baw Aragorn/baw Miramar

  RED Bonanza (ram)-

Bonanza is by baw Aragorn/SDA Vanilla. Bonanza will be retained.  

 RED Darcy & RED Jasper

Darcy (ewe) and Jasper (ram) are by baw Aragorn/RED Annette


 RED Uno & RED Dos

Uno & Dos are rams by baw Aragorn/ROB Cinch

 RED Sava 

Sava is a ram by baw Aragorn/RED Madagascar


 RED Brienne of Tarth

Brienne (ewe) is by baw Aragorn/RED Tlilxochitl. Brienne will be retained.

 RED Mirer (back ram) RED Mirari (front ewe)

Mirer and Mirari are by baw Aragorn/RED Mirage

 RED Lucchese

Lucchese is a ram by ROB Cliffhanger/RED Mesquite

 RED Pascal

Pascal is a ram by ROB Cliffhanger/RED Mesquite

 RED Dos & RED Kieran

  RED Mirer (ram)

Mirer is by baw Aragorn/RED Mirage

 RED Donovan

Donovan (ram) is by baw Aragorn/RED Nadia


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