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Ours is more than your Grandma’s old fashioned lye/lard soap. All our sheep milk soaps are made using lye water, lard, sunflower oil, coconut oil, Navajo-Churro sheep milk from our own ewes, and a pinch of fragrance oil. No artificial coloring is added to this soap. The unique color of each bar comes from the different properties in the fragrance oils added moments before pouring the liquid soap into the mold to harden. 

The Navajo-Churro sheep is a multipurpose homestead animal. While the ewes do not produce a high volume of milk, their milk has a very high fat content which produces a creamier bar with more lather than our traditional goat milk soap. The sheep milk is also sweet with heavy cream and absolutely no “gamey” taste, the perfect addition to our morning coffee! 

We keep a treasure trove of sheep milk soap in the cellar of The Red Feather Ranch and offer these at wholesale prices. Our bath bars are $5 each. Our face bars are $2.50 each. We ship all over the country by USPS flat rate shipping. Four bars of soap fit in a small flats box so it's easy for you to calculate shipping. If you want more than four bars let us know and we can calculate shipping by zip code. We accept all credit cards, PayPal and Venmo. Check out our soap Facebook page at Salt Creek Soap Works for special deals and new fragrances.  You can place orders here by emailing us at or on our Facebook page at Salt Creek Soap Works. 

These are the fragrances that we regularly keep in stock:

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey

Cucumber Mint

Barbershop Bay Rum



 Here are just a few of our specialty fragrances that are offered in small batches. Check for availability. 

Lavender Latte

Bourbon & Brown Sugar

Cranberry Salsa

Oatmeal Mint

Citron & Wild Spices

Summer Solstice

Lavender Sandalwood 

Dragon's Blood



Sage & Sweetgrass

Blackberry Sage



We sell soap in 4-packs which sell for $20 plus tax. We ship in the USPS small flat rate boxes so shipping on all 4-packs is $10.20. Our standard bath bars average 4.5 ounces. Some run larger. If you wish to place an order over or under 4 bars then contact us.

Optimized Process
Gift Boxes
Gift Boxes

Throughout the year we offer gift boxes of soap. These can be tailor made to your specifications and either mailed to you or to the recipient with a gift card. 

Social Media
Social Media

For customers who want to get a sneak peak of new fragrances coming up, and special deals, visit our soap page at the Salt Creek Soap Works Page on Facebook or email us at  Check us out on Facebook for special deals!