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The Navajo-Churro descended from sheep brought to the American Southwest by Don Juan Onate over four hundred years ago. These sheep were used to feed and clothe the conquistadors and Spanish settlers. By the 17th Century the churro had become vital to the people of the upper Rio Grande Valley. Native Indians acquired flocks of these sheep and within a century these churro sheep had become a major economic asset for the Navajo, or Dine' people. Meat, milk, and wool from these sheep sustained the Dine' for centuries. Renowned for its hardiness and versatility, these sheep survived several government-sponsored efforts to eradicate the breed. First, in the 1860's, as an effort to subjugate the Navajo people, and again in the early 1900's as part of a livestock reduction program, the US government nearly destroyed the native Navajo-Churro sheep. Through great effort by the Dine' people and others, the flocks were restored and the sheep were saved from extinction. Although still listed with the Livestock Conservancy as threatened, the numbers have rebounded enough to maintain a healthy breeding population. 


At Red Feather Ranch we strive to produce high quality breeding stock with excellent fleeces in a variety of natural colors favored by handspinners. We currently have two breeding rams, ROB Cliffhanger, and baw Aragorn.  Our breeding stock is registered with the Navajo-Churro Sheep Association. For more information and many more candid shots of our sheep we invite you to visit our sheep Facebook page at Red Feather Navajo Churros. 


ROB Cliffhanger N-CSA# - 8559-21

baw Aragorn N-CSA# - 8613-21

sire: SCR Romeo (N-CSA# - C8438-21) dam: baw Jasmine (N-CSA # - C6964-14)


Dot Escalade - sire of 2021 lambs (Sold)

 MLC Chance  - N-CSA# - B8085-18 (SOLD)


JB Wilson - N-CSA#- 8086-18 (SOLD)

RED Voter - Born March 2022  

Sire: baw Aragorn dam: CNC Cranberry Salsa



SDA Vanilla N-CSA# - A8075-18

*Milking Team


MLC Rowena N-CSA# - A8076-18

*Milking Team


baw Jara N-CSA# - A6976-14

*Milking Team


RED Ravenclaw - Chance/Rowena

N-CSA# - B8558-21

*Milking Team 



RED Wind River Sue - Wilson/Glitter



baw Miramar N-CSA# - C7757-17

* Milking Team


RED Mariannie N-CSA# - 8080-18

Milking Team


RED Amaretto - Chance/Mariannie (sold)

*Milking Team


RED Kahlua - Chance/Mariannie (sold) 

*Milking Team


RED Spice N-CSA# - 8082-18



RED Mesquite - Chance/Avis

N-CSA # - A8557-21 * Milking Team

RED Madagascar Vanilla - Chance/Vanilla

N-CSA# - B8563-21 *Milking Team


RED Mirage 
- Chance/Miramar

N-CSA# - C8562-21  *Milking Team

RED Rowling - Chance/Rowena

N-CSA# - B8560-21


ROB Cinch N-CSA# - A8079-18

Coppermine Ethete Pearl

N-CSA# - 8555-21

*Milking Team

Coppermine Ethete Opal

N-CSA# - 8556-21 *Milking Team

RED Java - Chance/Jara

N-CSA# - B8561-21


RED Glitter N-CSA# - 8081-18



RED Galadriel - baw Aragorn/ROB Cinch


RED Elessar - baw Aragorn/RED Rowling

RED Aerin - baw Aragorn/RED Mirage




JB Avis N-CSA# - 8083-18 (deceased) 

*Milking Team




SDA Sidney N-CSA# - 8084-18 (SOLD) 

*Milking Team



RED Annette - Cliffhanger/Ravenclaw 

N-CSA# - A8565-21 *Milking Team



Coppermine Cranberry Salsa

N-CSA# - 8564-21


RED Nadia - Cliffhanger/Miramar

N-CSA# - A8566-21 *Milking Team


RED Tlilxochitl - Cliffhanger/Vanilla

N-CSA# -A8567-21 *Milking Team


RED Teeter - Escalade/Wind River Sue


The 2023 Lamb crop has arrived! Here are some pics! 








Spring 2022 Lambs! Here are baby pics of some of our spring lambs! 
All ewe lambs have been spoken for this season. Contact us at if you wish to be placed on our waiting list. 


Maddie & Eowyn

Cranberry Salsa & Voter

Java with Duluth & Carhartt

Rowena with Rohan

Galadriel & Gandalf

Pearl with Sauron & Saruman

Opal with Upala

Mirage with Aerin & Frodo

WINTER 2020-2021 LAMBS

All available lambs have been sold.

RED Lavender Latte - Escalade/Mariannie (Sold)

Ewe lamb


RED Vanilla Bean - Cliffhanger/Vanilla (Reserved)

Ewe lamb


RED Maddox - Escalade/Madagascar Vanilla

Ram lamb - Sold


RED Monster Jam (L) RED The Flash (R)

Ram Lambs (sold)




RED Luxardo and RED Lazzaroni

Ram Lambs (sold)



RED Curaçao - Escalade/Kahlua

Ewe Lamb- Sold



RED Veracruz- Escalade/Kahlua

Ram lamb (sold)


Spring lambing began in March 2021...

All available lambs have been sold.

RED Riddle  - Escalade/Ravenclaw (sold)

Black Ewe lamb



RED Storm - Escalade/Rowling (sold)

Ram lamb 

RED Rollo (ram) & RED Mary (ewe) sold




RED Teeter - Escalade/Wind River Sue (ewe lamb)

Not for sale


RED Iron Man & RED Thor (ram lambs)

Escalade/Java (sold)



RED Deyo - Cliffhanger/Cinch ram lamb